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the start of fan expo was begun first by borrowing a car from a friend on thursday, which did allow me to go to another friend`s thurday game night, then afterwards i load up the stuff for the show, and get a bit of sleep.

in the morning around 8a.m. i head of to the convention center, pick up my friend aleria, and get onsite around 10a.m., load all the stuff out of car to my artist alley table, then drive the car offsite to a friend`s place, then skytrain back, cause overall it`s cheaper than downtown car parking.

back at the table, we set it up, and are ready in time for the doors with the public to open.

sales are slow-ish, but i do get some stuff done, finished the new design with a round magnet, make a few new design earrings, and poke away at a design i`ve been playing around with for over a year, the show comes to an end for the day.

day two is a bit busier, but being the main day, one would hope so, but not quite the sales we were hoping for, but i did finally crack the last details of the new necklace design, and end up making all four copies of this design, which is the third in my vacuum tube series.

day three being sunday, is the last one, and sales are almost enough, to make the show an almost break even event for me, aleria and i go thru all the stuff, to separate enough for her to have on sale at a show this sunday called:

   APRIL 27 TIME TRAVELERS`S BAZAAR (great fun, you should go to this)
(i`ll be in alberta at the time, but my friend will have selection of stuff of mine there)…
[Where] Britannia Secondary School Cafeteria, 1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver, FROM 10:30 TILL 5:00P.M.

after packing up my stuff, we went to unload and return the car to it`s owner, and bringing the end to a so-so weekend.

the only high notes were the contacts i made which may lead me to making props for some special projects in the future.

AND NOW, i`m getting ready to go to alberta for two weeks, for two shows, first up is:

APRIL 24-27 CALGARY COMIC & ENTERTAINMENT EXPO (fun times in calgary alberta)

which i need to be in calgary and setting up by sometime wednesday afternoon, which with leaving port coquitlam at around 10 a.m. tuesday, should make for some interesting time traveling.

to be cont...


professor whovianart

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Temmy1212 Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, are you going to be going to Cos and Effect by any chance this year?
yes in the artist alley sat and sun. and randomly around otherwise wandering :)

Temmy1212 Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! I'll hope to see you there!
yup, hoping is good, but finding works better.
Hi I am trying to find out how to get a hold of you, I went to the traveleres' Bazaar and bought some cool goggles with interchangeable lenses, but when I got home and open the package I found out that one of the dark lense was broken. How can we meet to get it replaced? please email me your phone.
beohep at yahoo . com
eep, that is weird, never happened before.

if my friend cannot meet up with you beforehand, i`ll be happy to replace the lense when i get back from alberta.

you can email me directly at:
holy gobbly-gook, over a hundred watchers, i thank you all very much.

i do hope to getting around to updating my gallery and add photos of more creations, so this maybe a warning to expect a big dump in the next few weeks, that is if i find computer access good enough for a long enough period of free time to do so.

it`s like the tailor with no pants, too busy making stuff for others and not enough time to keep up with my own stuff.

so if you not see much new, keep at me and poke poke poke, maybe that`l get me motivated faster :)
The-ThunderGod Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Met you at the maker fare last summer. Just check out your work.
thanks, hope you like of my crazy things.
Roxxi980 Sep 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
hey remember me?
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