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i am going out to a party sat. night called 'Smash Yer Sad Lamps Winter Solstice Rave' 855 e. hastings from 9:30p.m.-3a.m.

and on sunday night to the red room for 'Descent 8th Annual Naughty or Nice' 398 richards st. from 9p.m.-2a.m.

wanted: lovely female interested in traveling with an eccentric blue haired creative artist. benefits: random adventures, exploration, and fun.

for those interested, p.m. directly and/or find me at the random places i can be found at, and we can see if we connect

please feel free to share this:

i`m trying out a theory, that someone i know knows someone, or that someone knows someone, that may be a good match for me, and if by chance it turns out they are not a good match, i`ll just try again, and if all fails they will have interesting adventure stories to tell.

this could be seen as like a different form of matchmaking or dating sites, but much looser and maybe unorthodox, but hey, that`s what happens when an eccentric like me comes up with ideas

i will be vending at the new west quay tomorrow (sat.) and sunday, both from 11-5-ish p.m., swing by and see what i am working on now:)

the money is greatly needed and appreciated to get my poor van back on the road just after new years, it`s been in a non moving state for over one year... gasp, i know.

i have much new stuff ad creations to help you part with your monies, and fill your christmas list, and yes i know i am forever in posting my new stuff from....... well, the last many years, sigh.

so be not surprised if a big bunch of uploads someday come all in one massive deluge :)

for those that may have wondered what has been happening in my life the last while, here goes:


data entry experiment: experiment L-of-two-2-one, the magical wonderfulness


oct 21:

many interesting and mysterious things been going on lately, where upon they will lead is yet to be figured.

one of which as been going on for two weeks now, and i certainly hope it will go on for a much much longer duration

oct 23:

DATA LOG entry:

experiment L-of-two-2-one, early results so far.

the confusion over clarity sets the mind to wander in the wrong neighborhood where thoughts can go wrong, always better to travel with strong positive thoughts for protection.

other notes: minimal input should clear so much debris, and experiments of happiness may then go on forth in the open space.


life is currently very enjoyable, and coming up to a whole month of amazing interaction with a magical wonderfulness.

and some said the (pseudo) scientifically artistic mind could not find a suitable counterpart.

the compatibility experiments are showing fantastic results.


data log entry:

experiment L-of-two-2-one, the magical wonderfulness is now past the fifth week.

the original expected results, have gone way beyond all my expectations, I think the experiment is maybe going out of control, or just simply taking me over, and for some reason, I am not bothered by this, maybe it`s a side effect, but my mind, spirit and heart are happy with the results

it seems like there is a merging of spirits, the spirit of the magical wonderfulness combining with mine, how long can this last?, I do not know, the fear is it may be for a short while, but my hope is for it to last forever, and I never want it to let go, I am hooked, mind, body and spirit.

for anyone attempting to duplicate, beware, I had a near flaw in the initial formula, that unbeknownst to me almost cost me everything, but fortunately for me, the merging spirit adjusted and compensated the ingredients, and bridged the gap of what was missing, I only noticed this from reviewing the daily chart results from the last few recent weeks.


i think i want to hit the road and be footloose and fancy free, doing random stuff like i used to.

and doing all this with a certain wonderful being, would make the traveling that much more fun

but in order to do this, i'll need to sell off, or get rid of at least half the stuff i own, using the money to get the varda up in great running condition, and to develope the comic and other stuff to in the future earn a living while traveling.

i just need to figure how to crack all this, and figure out what to keep, and what to sell or get rid of.

stay tuned to what plan(s) i come up with.


data log entry:

experiment L-of-two-2-one, the magical wonderfulness, week 7.

in addition to the previously mentioned original flaw in the programing, at some point along the way, I foolishly allowed some confused random programing jumble from an other experiment to get mixed into this one, almost costing me..... well 'SHUDDER' everything.

fortunately, the other merging spirit is in some ways currently stronger and also is very understanding, and was able to recognize the jumble for the most part as something that did not belong, and was able to separate the jumble from the equation, to my ever grateful relief.

I really should try and stop going on automatic reflexes, and think before my actions, but having been the aloof professor for so long, I had developed habits that do not do as well while others are involved, which means the experiment is changing me as much as anything else, and I have to say, it is for the better.

overall, the current results are, the experiment is still going, the merging spirit has expressed much information that everything is as strong or stronger than I ever imaged, despite the flaws, but has raised concerns that need to be addressed, but all is still a go.

side note:

I do feel I should mention, that the direct physical effects I have been feeling and experiencing from this in the last few weeks, is a better diet of food consumption, and in addition to my normal amount of walking, I find myself at times running/jogging, and doing a few sit-ups and push-ups, which is improving my cardiovascular system.

I say I`m 28, but according to my biographer, I`m really 108, but lately I have been feeling much younger, I have not felt this way since I was 21-ish.

'whoo hoo'......hops around like a crazy rabbit


data log entry:

experiment L-of-two-2-one, the magical wonderfulness, start of month two.

as things sit currently....... well, i really do not know, everything seems to have gone lost, no communication in well over a week, if contact is not made again in another week or so, i will presume all is gone for good for without contact, things cannot be said and plans may fall apart.

it would be sad, but i'll just have to press on, and just continue my other experiments, sigh.....

if anyone happens to see a fluctuating merging spirit, please pass on the message to communicate, texting is now valid.

dec 08:

data log entry:

experiment L-of-two-2-one, the magical wonderfulness, resolution.

seems the experiment failed.

too many things conflicting with each other, the past events looking similar and conflicting with current time line were just not mixing well, causing much upset in the balance, the formula was just to unstable.

goal now is to start from scratch, and be sure to set guidelines and boundaries in advance, so when this experiment is tried again, that it`ll have a much better chance of success.

thru the experiment i did rediscover all the great attributes i forgot i have, including things that seem to be rare in men nowadays, kindness, affection, loyal, caring, loving, and able to cuddle for hours on end (really). 

now just to find that certain someone that likes the idea of travel, random excitement, and have an adventurous spirit.

if this sounds like you, then feel free to apply :) and i can see if our initial compatibility rings well. (females only please).

may have found the parts needed to fix my van, if anyone wants to help, feel free to donate, link to my paypal is at:

and while at my website, you`ll see what shows I have left for 2015, do please check it out, and miss not on acquiring a fine item to give to your loved one for the holidays :)

i am going out to a party sat. night called 'Smash Yer Sad Lamps Winter Solstice Rave' 855 e. hastings from 9:30p.m.-3a.m.

and on sunday night to the red room for 'Descent 8th Annual Naughty or Nice' 398 richards st. from 9p.m.-2a.m.


professor whovianart

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ThreeLittleFillies Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Absolutely beautiful art this year at Fur-Eh! I loved your panel, and your table at the Dealer's Den.
whovianart Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
i'd have to agree, i even bought a few prints.
ThreeLittleFillies Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, really? I didn't bring much money so I couldn't buy much, but the art was tempting.
whovianart Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
i bought three prints from the g.o.h., first one is for both me and buck rabbit,  second one i gave to buck rabbit, which he says is now the start of his pin-up girl collection, third print was for a friend who was not able to attend.
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Temmy1212 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, are you going to be going to Cos and Effect by any chance this year?
whovianart Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
yes in the artist alley sat and sun. and randomly around otherwise wandering :)

Temmy1212 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! I'll hope to see you there!
whovianart Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
yup, hoping is good, but finding works better.
beohep Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013
Hi I am trying to find out how to get a hold of you, I went to the traveleres' Bazaar and bought some cool goggles with interchangeable lenses, but when I got home and open the package I found out that one of the dark lense was broken. How can we meet to get it replaced? please email me your phone.
beohep at yahoo . com
whovianart Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013
eep, that is weird, never happened before.

if my friend cannot meet up with you beforehand, i`ll be happy to replace the lense when i get back from alberta.

you can email me directly at:
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